How would it have felt, being a snowboard pioneer in the early 80’s ?

We are Boerteun Oldschool Snowboards

We manufacture and supply old school snowboards. All boards are handmade out of birch plywood, reinforced with fiberglass.

In a nutshell, a new board with the shape, looks and craftsmanship of 35 years ago. 

Back then snowboard boots didn't exist yet. For that reason, you can ride a Boerteun also on your hiking boots.

All boards are unique and custom made and on request even with your own personal topsheet and base.


It is even possible to make special snowboards as wall decoration in your hotel or restaurant, we can put your own logo or name on it (send us an e-mail if you want more information about this) .


Jake Burton tribute snowboard oldschool handmade handpainted




As of childhood, I’ve always been intrigued by the snowboard brand Burton. Hours, I would spend to read through the Burton catalog, front to back and back to front. I knew the design and colors of every board, shirt and t-shirt by heart. On my computer, in “paint” I made designs for my own “developed” boards. 27 years have passed and the passion for the brand is still there.

A man with a vision, with a dream. A man who did everything to make this dream come true. Not only developing a product, but also creating a sport around it. To build up a market in snowboarding, from the ground up.

That man, Jake Burton Carpenter, is the man I had the privilege to meet in Amsterdam, October 6th last year. It was my dream come true!

On November 21st 2019, only 7 weeks later, Jake Burton passed away at 65. With the knowledge of his returning illness, his passing was still a shock and way too early.....

Ride In Peace Jake!!!



This board comes together with a unique handmade magazine.

50 pages of interviews and pictures about Jake and the Burton company.

* We will make 13 of these boards, proceeds will go to the Chill Foundation

* All boards are already reserved 



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